Virgil Branson returned from the war and married the long time love of his life, Sarah. They scraped together enough money to buy the home and land that they had always dreamed of. Not knowing that the land was cursed, they set out to start their lives together. They planted crops and started a family. Soon the Branson's began to realize that something wasn't quite right. None of the crops would grow. No matter what they planted, corn was the only crop that would grow. And it was awful to the taste. It was very bitter and sometimes had a red color to it. The only thing it was good for was to feed the hogs with. Out of all the animals on the farm...cows, chickens, horses, goats and pigs...the only animals that lived were the hogs. Everything else either went missing or starved itself to death. Numerous times Virgil would find the bones of his goats arranged in circles in the middle of the field.

Soon tragedy would strike as the Branson's oldest child, Ray, went missing. His mother watched him go into the corn to find a ball that had been kicked into it. Soon after Sarah, riddled with sorrow, lost her mind. She could be heard screaming at night for hours and hours towards the corn. She blamed it for everything that happened. One day Virgil came home from work to an empty house. He searched all over for his family. As he walked outside he heard his wife singing in the distance. As he walked into the corn he could hear her singing, "You are my Sunshine". Then he came upon her and saw the most gruesome scene he had ever been faced with. Sarah had killed the remaining 5 children and had used their organs and blood to cover the corn stalks. At first sight of Virgil, Sarah seemed to fill with rage and started screaming as loud as she could. Virgil eventually calmed Sarah down. That's when she told him that the corn told her to do it. It called out to her all the time. It was never going to leave them alone and now the whole family was doomed. Virgil consumed with guilt and shame covered up the murders and told everyone that the kids had gone to stay with family out of state. Six months later the screams stopped at night.....And no one ever saw Virgil or Sarah again.

Since the Branson family mysteriously disappeared in 1934 there has been 12 families live on the property and 5 were never heard from again. All 12 families had tales of horrible acts going on here at the farm. Animals mutilated, murders, suicides, torture, missing people, sightings of unknown beings and creatures.

The land and home haven't had an owner who lived on it in 20 years. The corn doesn't even have a caretaker anymore. It grows every year on its on. Waiting for unsuspecting souls to enter its horrific grounds. It's been said once you enter the corn, it takes you in. You are part of it. You never get to leave. It takes your body and soul to be forever tortured.